• In each package you will receive:

    2 organic gmo-free, cultural culinary prepared meals

    4 Jamaican Patties and 4 Donuts fron our seasonal donut menu

    16 oz Cold Brew Coffee 

    1 box of Kale Chips from our partners Haiti Coffee and Kale Love!


    UPDATE AFTER STATEWIDE STAY-AT-HOME ORDER: We have talked with our partners and team and per this order we are will be offering CONTACTLESS DELIVERY with each care package order. While we viewed this as an important support for our community, both with our neighbors and our local businesses, we know that supporting our community at this time, means making sure we fully embody this important order to ensure we are protection you and ourselves.


    So please, order your box today, thank you for your continual community and financial support to ours and every local businesses.


    All care packages are Contactless Delivery.

    Seattle Love $115 Package