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healthy creations

A Plant-Based Private Chef Company

*On your first order

 Care Packages Include


In each package, you will receive:

2 organic GMO-free, cultural culinary prepared meals, 4 Jamaican Patties, 4 Donuts from our seasonal donut menu, 16 oz Cold Brew Coffee and 1 box of Kale Chips from our partners Haiti Coffee and Kale Love!


In each package, you will receive:

1 prepared meal, 3 Jamaican Patties, 3 Donuts from our seasonal donut menu,

16 oz Cold Brew Coffee and 1 box of Kale Love Kale Chips 

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Our Process

We handpick fresh vegetables from local farmers in Seattle & surrounding communities
*Meet your local farmers
Chef Ariel prepares personalized, customizable meals created to meet your needs.
*Browse menus
Local Delivery
Uber Eats

Our Ingredients


Seasonally local handpicked veggies


Quality Healthy Ingredients 


Eco-friendly packaging

 Time & money-saving 


What Plan Is Best For You?

Healthy Creations Meal plans offer delivery a healthy, flavorful, delicious in a gourmet way.

We ensure you have everything you need to enjoy plant-based Flavorgasms each meal and every week. 

The best part is you don't have any of the prep work


We are here to support you whether you are a food lover seeking your next plate popping pleasure, a fitness-focused outdoor explorer, an executive with a strict schedule, or a parent/guardian balancing homeschool and children. 

Menus are set five weeks in advance, choose breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner

* First order contains $100 reusable container fee *

Food Enthusiast

Enjoy meals like

• spring scampi pasta

• Nigerian Jollof Rice Bowl

• Manakish, Middle Eastern Pizzas 

per person


3 Servings

Cultural Cuisine

Choose Plan

Fitness Minded

Enjoy meals like

• Black bean quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

• Power-packed Lebanese Sesame

• Millet kale wrap 

per person


3 Servings

Customize to fit your diet

Choose Plan

Per Person


The Executive

per person


3 Servings

• Mango BBQ gourmet bowl

• Cacao chili parfait

• Pakistani eggplant curry & red ginger rice 

Enjoy meals like

For your busy schedule

Choose Plan

Bon Appétit

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What Our Clients Say

fresh herbs

Joya, Chief Coffee Drinker / Dishwasher  

"I simply can’t get enough of Chef Ariel’s gluten-free, vegan baked goods! I’ve never enjoyed gluten-free and vegan so much!"

After one bite of Healthy Creations’ Mayan Chocolate Drop Donuts and all my negative expectations were blown away. Unbelievably light and fluffy – and moist! I couldn’t decide if I were more baffled by the texture (how is this vegan?!) or the amazing flavor: perfectly dark chocolate with an unexpected, spicy kick!

Since that day, I’ve become a major Healthy Creations fan, attending many pop-ups and trying countless delectable baked goods from granola bars to empanadas to beignets to multiple flavors of donuts.


My all-time favorite is the Pear Cardamom Donut!

I am so thrilled to join the Donut of the Month Club and have Ariel’s endlessly creative, impeccably baked treats delivered to my door every month. As someone who has diet restrictions (gluten and dairy) and who also tries to eat mostly whole foods and minimal sugar, Healthy Creation’s donuts are my perfect “treat”: luxuriously tasty but with no refined sugar!

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